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Coral Vue Hydros

dealing with bubble algae


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Whilst I do not have a bubble algae issue yet, I picked up a frag today with some attached. I removed all visible pieces when adding to my tank but know BA can be very stubborn, so if it crops up in my tank down the line, does this sound like a plan to deal with it: 


> Manual removal with fingers/tweezers 

> Dose with Vibrant 


if needed/the above does not eradicate it, add an emerald crab (that would be a last resort though because IMO my tank is too small for one really & I don't really want anymore inverts at the moment). Crab would be rehomed once it had done its job. 


Any other tips people have for getting rid of bubble algae would be grand.

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What @Pjanssen said. 


Best way to get rid of BA is never to let it enter your tank. I picked mine off when I first found it in my tank ( had been in there a few weeks before finding Bubble ).  After removal was careful to rinse with tank water over the sink and BA still preceded to take over my tank.  


There are different types of BA and some are worse than others, but if you get a bad variant it's a PITA. 


Here's my Documentation of currently dealing with Bubble Algae outbreak!!!  that started as one bubble on a frag


After removing bubble algae, dropping some Peroxide on the plug and letting it fizzle a for a minute or few ( assuming it wasn't on coral flesh ) or coral skeleton Will kill off the any remaining algae Bubble or otherwise.  


Once I get rid of BA, I'd like to QT any coral that enters my tank.  We'll see how well t hat plan plays out??


You can check my topic later to see how well the Vibrant treatment works in my tank. 


I'm in week 4 of 6-8 week expected treatment period to resolve the problem.  


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Thanks so much both of you - frag, along with the others I got today, has been retrieved and peroxided! I couldn't actually see anything else on any of them, of but sounds like it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Out of interest, what's so bad about Vibrant?

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43 minutes ago, InAtTheDeepEnd said:

Out of interest, what's so bad about Vibrant?

Vibrant as best gathered from internet consensus is that Vibrant is an re-branded algacide marketed as some super bacteria supplement.  


Algacide kills algae ( good and bad kidns ) and algae is part of a healthy reef ecosystem.  Food for some critters & fish / nutrient balancing mecanism / etc. 


Also - Vibrant is reported to bottom out your tank nutrients ( though that's not been my personal experience with Nitrate at least ).  zero nutrient tank can lead to DINO outbraeks and may have to start out and re-establish healthy algae balance after dosing. 


I'm learning on the fly what's true or not for my tank.  It's gotten a bad rap online for it's past marketing issues as basically a re-branded and more expensive algacide product.  It does have plenty of strong reviews for effectiveness too.  Use if if you need to, but shouldn't be first product to go to is my current opinion, but I reserve right to change my opinion through my experience with product.  

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