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Fluval Evo 5


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Starting up a 5gal. One week into cycling. 
stock pump 

5# live rock

bag O sand

Current Orbit Marine 18-24in


Any stocking suggestions for coral that will play well under this light? Also considering a small fish and shrimp. I would appreciate any coral suggestions you might have. I’ve been out of the tank insanity for years. 

Waiting for the Newa 606 to come back in stock. Intend to add an eflux wave maker to run with the loop as well. 



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1 hour ago, ADough said:

Thanks! I plan on putting a pulsing xenia in as well. 

Isolate xenia to its own rock that doesn't touch anything else.  Or it will spread like wildfire and take over such a small tank.

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2 hours ago, ninjamyst said:

Isolate xenia to its own rock that doesn't touch anything else.  Or it will spread like wildfire and take over such a small tank.

Will do. Thanks

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Mine has been running since Christmas with the stock light, a minor pump upgrade, no powerheads. Left to right, a turbo snail, brittle starfish, one of 3 rock flower anemone, Duncan, Rusty Gongorian, blue leg hermit, clove polyps, bam bam zoa, red mushroom, a ricordia, and I forget the name of the orange zoa. Not seen, small peppermint shrimp, an emerald crab, a small file fish, and 2 nassarius snails, and small Christmas Tree macro algae. A little bit of hair algae, some bubble algae, and a couple aphasia. The critters seem to keep the pests under control. 


I have had to prune the mushrooms or they will take over. Can't say the the Gongorian has grown, but it appears healthy. I feed everything every other day half a cube of mysis and some Reef Roids. Change a couple of gallons of water weekly. The Duncan and Gongo tell me if I've waited too long. DIY media basket for charcoal and floss and a DIY ATO that adds a few ounces of water every 8 hours.  I forget what size heater but it is buried under the media basket. 


Good Luck!




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Good suggestions so far, I would think you'd be fine with pretty much any soft coral and most lps. I personally would stay away from xenia, even when you isolate it, it will drop small pieces that will spread to other areas of the tank. It is very, very difficult to keep it from overgrowing other things. Also, I wouldn't worry about a wavemaker, as long as you upgrade the return pump to something 100+ gph you shouldn't really need additional flow.

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