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saltwater noobie........advice appreciated


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I don't really know the terminology all that well, but I am going to try and make this as clear as possible.


My reef is a 20H. It has a ton of live rock in it.... maybe 60lbs.


The lighting I have right now is a PC hood with 2 bulbs a 65w daylight and a 65w actinic. I also have a 15w actinic florescent on the front of the tank.


I have had my tank setup for about a month now and It has been cycled for about 3 weeks (5 damsels 60lbs of lr and 25lbs of live sand can apparently cycle a 20H in 6 days).


I have started putting some corals in. Nothing to hard to keep. I've got some green star polyps, some yellow star polyps, a shroom, some xenia, green and purple zoos, orange and green zoos, neon green candy, 2 jaw fish, about 20 blue leg hermits. The only thing that I think I should have waited until later to get is my rose anemone that is hosting a maroon and gold clown, but it's doing really well so I will say it's a blessing.


All my water parameters are where they should be and get checked every other day. I have been doing 10% weekly water changes. I've got a millennium 3000 that keeps the water clean and give my tank good current. So far, everything is going good and hopefully it will stay that way.


a couple of questions:

Should I get a protein skimmer?

Would you recommend I get more light?

Any other suggestions(besides chill out on putting stuff in the tank, I'm pretty sure I need to hold off for a bit)?


thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions!

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What are you running in the Millenium? Throw some chemipure in there as well to fight off chemical warfare among your coral.


Protein Skimmer would help a lot. You have a high bioload (I do too, so I'm not sweatin ya)...and a skimmer would be well worth the investment.


AquaC Remora w/ maxijet 1200 all the way! IMO. haha.


I don't know much about anemones...so can't be much help there.

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You might experience lighting issues with the anemone, not forsure, but something to look out for if you notice changes in the way your anemone looks or behaves. Just a heads up.

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thanks! I'll look out for that......


speaking of lighting, should I get another PC (the same as the one I have) to replace the florescent I have now or should I just wait and see what happens?

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