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will adding too much phyto to my tank cause cyano?


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Based on dosing six tanks weekly, until they are tinted visibly green, fresh live phyto doesn't seem to promote cyano blooms.  One of the tanks even has some cyano, and dosing phyto doesn't appear to affect it either way.


I feel that cyano mainly comes from too much organic wastes on and within the substrate, or on the rocks.  That said, it also seems to have to do with a bacterial imbalance that is often found in newer tanks.


Sometimes increasing flow helps keep the organic wastes in suspension so that they are either utilized by corals or removed by filtration.  It might also help prevent cyano mats from forming.  However, I also have a couple of very low flow tanks that are free of cyano.


Long story short, I don't see any correlation between dosing live phytoplankton and cyanobacteria blooms.

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If anything, the competition for nutrients, and encouragement of copepod growth, should hinder it.


Check your water source. I got a nasty cyano bloom once because I had forgotten to change the carbon filter on my RODI unit. 


Cyano can be ugly, but isn't a huge concern. It's easy to blow off any corals it's irritating, so just keep up with that, and you should be fine. It's likely to sort itself out sooner or later. 

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I decreased my white lights a couple hours.  My PhytoPlex is like 100 yrs old and I don't think there is anything live about it. I just kinda give a quick squirt a few times a week (16 gal tank).  I stopped doing that.  I also stopped feeding Reef Roids for a bit (saw someone else did that because they were having a problem with cyano).  


So far, I haven't seen it come back this past week.  It was just kinda lingering.  Nothing too bad, just kinda there.  Hopefully it is gone.  I will start to slowly put my lights back to my regular schedule and see what happens.


I have been feeding less and my NO3 is back down and my Phos is back to where I want it as well.


Not sure if ANY of this has to do with cyano, but I think it's all connected in some way.  Things are looking better so that's good. 


thanks for the help



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