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25g tank, work in progress

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Since my 27 liters tank was becoming too little for my impulses, I went ang got another tank. This is actually the biggest I ever got (used to have a 20g peninsula).

I went with the 25g peninsula from Waterbox because I wanted a AIO tank between 15 to 30g and it perfectly fits on my desk at home.


The setup :

  • Tank : Waterbow peninsula 25 mini
  • Return pump : aqua medic 1.3 (I wanted something dead silent, I wasn't disappointed)
  • Light : AI Prime HD
  • Wavemaker : jebao SLW 10
  • ATO : some mechanical cheap thing
  • Filtration :
    • filter floss + carbon in chamber 1
    • biomedia + chaeto in chamber 2
  • Heating / cooling : 200w unbreakable heater and desktop usb fan both on Inkbird controler




The cabinet unded the tank holds the food, towels and all the little I need for maintenance. Everything is plugged in on another cabinet.

The ATO tank is around 20 liters.




Current livestock :

  • Frostbite clownfish
  • Purple euphyllia ancora
  • Green euphillya paraancora
  • Red and Green lobophilla
  • Rainbow acan
  • Red rodhactis
  • One pissed off goniopora
  • Gold leptoseris
  • Phoenix montipora
  • Some zoas  that I hope to turn into a zoa garden
  • Snails and hermits


The rockscape is pretty simple and made of 3 rocks. 

The sand layer is really thin (transfered it from my 27 liters tank). I currently like it as it is.


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The tank is currently hitting th beginning of the ugly phase on the "new" rocks. They are only a few weeks in.


I ordered some snails, the CUC should be strong enough to take care of the algae. Should be here next week.

Also got :

  • a new euphyllia
  • 2 more fishes to befriend the clown 

I don't plan on adding more fishes after that, 

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Thank you!


My order was delivered today. That new hammer is really yellow (bottom left), I hope it will acclimate nicely to the tank.



Half the zoas are looking pissed...can't figure out why. The Sunny D's were looking great and now they are...different.

IMG_20220706_223751.thumb.jpg.8bf8b7d931c47e21a0fef0e6c7afc3e5.jpg IMG_20220706_223717.thumb.jpg.23bb4e2226c66d3427cdf9a63764269b.jpg


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Sorry for the qualité but they keep Moving around. Here are the two new fishes I got last week :





The dragonet is still a baby but it's captive bred. 

My zoas are still looking like sh*t. I started to feed more heavily so my nitrates and phosphates go up. I don't test but I know the current bioload of the tank is still low compared to what I used to run in the 20g.


My clown is still in the small cube, I will put it black in the 25g next week. It should be less territorial.


That euphyllia is acclimating slowly. I will have to think of a place where to glue it.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Current state of the tank :



  • Zoas are still looking ugly and some are probably going to die. Never had this many problems with zoas before. 
  • Rest of the corals are happy (except the caulastrea, but it looked like that when I got it. Let's not mention the gold hammer, I kinda dropped it while trying to glue)
  • The good news is that Harvey the clownfish is finally behaving nicely

It's now time for growth. I probably won't change anything in the next 3 to 4 months.

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