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will emerald crabs sit still for hours after being added to a tank?


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Ok, so I've added an emerald crab & bicolor angelfish to my tank after a 3 weeks of 2 fish running around in there & the crab ate a bit of algae before going to my clown's burrow & he's been sitting there for hours. At the store he was moving around & doing dances & stuff but he's been very still. is he dead, molting, stressed, or just chilling? I forgot to check salinity b4 going to the bet store. I hope he's ok because not only do I love him but I watched shrek in honor of his addition (his name is shrek)


tank size: 30 gallons

parameters: nitrates last time i checked was 15 ppm, phosphates is unknown but probably way better because the diatoms are gone, salinity is 1.020-1.025

Current livestock:

ocerallis clownfish (Nemo IV) (before you ask the first 3 were freshwater from years back)

red lip blenny (Beef)

bicolor angelfish (Knuckles)

emerald crab (Shrek)

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Animals don't waste energy. It's normal for many species to find a spot they like and sit in it. Crabs included.


Being added to a new tank is stressful. Give him a few days to settle in, and he should be out and about more. 

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I never see my emerald crab unless I get a flashlight out and search for him in the rocks. That being said:

1.020-1.025 salinity is a big swing. Unless you are diligent about topping off with fresh water a couple of times a day, get yourself an ATO to help keep salinity stable. it can be a life saver for all of your livestock

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