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Filling new innovative marine fusion 20


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Just keep an eye on the pump chamber. I keep my water level in the pump chamber almost at the top of the devider with a slight fall into the chamber about .5 inch that will keep it prety silent. Some run it higher or lower. If theres too much fall its noisy. Fill it up make sure back chambers are also filled too. You can see the tank water and chamber water are able to touch through the overflow. Then run the pump. The level in that pump chamber will drop. Just put more water untill it reaches the desired level as it drops and stabilizes. If it's too high and the deviders are completly submurged  just take some out. 

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Don't have this tank, but a different one with over-flow / all in one setup.  


I fill main tank up just below whatever over flow / return parts, then add water in the filtration area.  When you turn pump on, get ready for bit of splashing as outlet might shoot water out bit more aggressively if not submerged.  Try to have a gallon or so container to top off main tank or filter area.  


Good idea to practice when you turn off your pump (for maintenance, feeding, etc.) so see how the water level in the display and filter areas change.  

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