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LED nightlight ? Night lighting?


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Curious people's thoughts on moonlight, red, blue, other color night lighting. Is is helpful? Are fish and inverts less stressed ? Does it help maintain PH from dropping? 


It's not a widely in depth discussed topic. 


I have always ran a small 25w incandescent red bulb on my tanks ( both fresh and salt) but my new LED hood has multiple color / spectrum options. 

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Moon lighting isn't required.  However, it:

  • Allows you to see a little at night
  • It is thought that fish might not get as spooked, and therefore jump less

The night light should probably be just bright enough to see inside.  Corals need a night cycle and fish need to be able to sleep.  This dim lighting shouldn't add to photosynthesis, so it shouldn't effect pH.


Red light spectrum doesn't reach the lower depths in the ocean.  And some marine fish don't have receptors for red light, so they might not benefit from red night lights.  Blue or daylight spectrums might be a better choice.


Some people don't run their moon lights throughout the entire night.  However, I don't see a problem with a little dim lighting throughout the night cycle.  I leave a couple of low power LEDs on continuously in my fish room.

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less than bread

I like having a dim blue light on until about midnight, just for viewing purposes. The app for my light has a "moonlight" setting where it runs for a predetermined amount of time after sunset. I think I just have the blue channel running at 5% power. I don't think it makes any difference for the corals/fish but I like having it for the aesthetics when the rest of the house is dark.

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