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Wanting to start a reef aquarium - First steps

Bend it like Beckham

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Bend it like Beckham


I am looking to start a reef aquarium and I have the first of many questions - Which tank should I start with. My research has narrowed it down to the following 

1) Fusion Pro 2 AIO 30 gallons - This one seems like it has most of what I need to start, short of the lights, which I think of pairing with the Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED

2) Fluval Flex 32.5 gallon Saltwater Starter Kit - These being another AIO that seems to get great reviews and it comes with a set of lights

It seems like I can't go wrong with either choice as they both have the basics but I wanted to get some thoughts from folks that have been down this journey before



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less than bread

Fluval makes really good tanks for just starting out. They are very budget friendly, especially because they come with a light. Fluval makes a lot of other useful products to add on to their tanks that are available at tons of chain pet stores. The lights themselves that come with Fluval tanks are okay at best though. Depending on what kind of corals you plan on keeping, you might look to upgrade the light.


Innovative Marine makes awesome tanks. They are pricy but undeniably cool. I have the 20 gallon dropoff and love it. With the Orbit Marine light, the reviews seem kind of hit or miss, obviously again depending on what kind of coral you want to keep.


Have you checked out the Biocube 32 yet? Another popular AIO tank around the same size as the ones you listed (albeit in a cube shape) that comes with everything you need including a light in the hood and I have heard very good things about the light.

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