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Trying first acro coral, getting white patches.


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Hey all!

I am trying to figure out what is going on with my first acro frag. 
I got it about a month ago, and it’s started developing some white patches between the polyps. 

Here is the progression of pictures that I have. 
April 10, I just popped it off the frag plug and set it on a rock to try and get it to table. 

April 13, settling in, same coloration.



April 19, more defined purple tips, but white patches on top are starting to appear.



April 26, it has started to encrust onto the rockwork in multiple spots.


May 9, more growth onto the rockwork, white patches look slightly more numerous.



The color of the tips and the intense purple on the base makes it seem like it wouldn’t be a lighting issue to me. The neighbor, a nicely colored blue digitata, is growing like crazy too.


Parameters are pretty consistent around 8dKh and 420ppm Ca. Just manually dosing a few times a week.

Nutrients are low, barely detectable. I do have a little GHA growth and am dosing Red Sea Reef Energy AB+, as well as feeding Reef Roids weekly. So there are nutrients in the system. 

Could it be a flow issue? Not enough of it? Perhaps stuff settling? It looks like the polyps are getting blown in different directions at least. 
Or could it be some kind of pest? 


This particular coral has been aquacultured from a local for quite a while, supposed to be relatively hardy compared to a wild specimen. 

Like I said, this is my first time trying an acro in the 3+ years this tank has been running.

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Another possibility to consider - I do have a large toadstool leather, a sinularia, and a cabbage leather. Could this be from coral warfare? 

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