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Score! retrofit 5gal


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There is a local shop that is only open on saturdays from 12 - 4 pm (how he can stay in biz is beyond me). We stopped in today and I got to talk to the owner who actually had a mini retrofit kit for my galaxy 5!! He said the regular price was $120 but he said I could take it for $40. It has a quad 27 wt pc and a 9w actinic, and it fits my lid!! I got that a big bucket of cured live rock, a few feathers and a nifty black urchin for like $60 ! I wasn't quite ready to go but i guess I am now.


So far I took the old light out, figured out where the new one and the ac 300 will go, cut out the back half of the lid so the ac 300 would fit, and I have to head out to the hardwear store to get some screwes to hold the retro on.




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