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New clown seems lethargic

Alyson White

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Alyson White

I got a clownfish on Saturday and he has mostly just hung around one area of the tank. Often I will find him just sitting in his anemone like this. Is this bad? Is he just getting used to the new tank? Or is there another issue? Also, when I feed him, he’ll swim around and it eat but not swim straight to the top and get it from the surface. 



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Sounds like normal clown behavior. My pair rarely leave their anemone, and when the do for food, they wait for it fall to their level before darting out to get it, and then zipping back to the anemone. 

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Very normal clown behavior.  They are territorial and tend to hang out in their area.  If left alone in a tank too long, they will consider the entire tank their territory.  Don't ask me how I know this. 

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If the fish is eating then I would not be worried. They don’t really swim straight and probably why they call them clownfish. 

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