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Pump chopped anemone - is he too damaged to survive?


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Hi, this is my first post. Looking help please. I bought my first anemone 2 days ago. Last night he got sucked into my into sanitizer. I was able to take him out but he looks very dead but I’ve heard they can be cut up and survive. 
is he too far gone?


my set up is only 8 gallons so he was not big to begin with. When fully open he was 2 maybe 3” wide

First pic in now

other 2 pics are from last night 


thanks in advance for your help FB442B5B-8FF8-4981-B225-89B447F8EB11.thumb.png.a5cf063fe5739dd33d522856d01c3c2d.png



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If the foot is attaching, it’s got a shot at recovering, but it’ll need time and stable parameters. At this point, I’d probably just leave it alone, and continue to monitor. 

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