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Tankmates for clownfish in a 20 gallon tank

Just a kid

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Just a kid

I had previously had 2 occelaris clownfish in a 10 gallon tank for about 2 and a half years but then I decided to move them to a 20 gallon tank as they got bigger. They have been in the 20 gallon for 7 months and are doing great. I also added a Pajama Cardinal Fish 2 months after that and he’s also doing great. 
My stocking list:

female occelaris (max length - 3.5)

male occelaris (2.5)

pajama Cardinal fish

peppermint shrimp 

mix of blue and red hermit crabs 

a mix of turbo and Trochus snails

I haven’t added anything since I got the Pajama Cardinal fish and I am currently looking for one last fish to add. Any recommendations would be great! I also want to have some coral so let me know if there are any corals easy for beginners and can be kept in a 20 gallon tank

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One of the dwarf wrasses pink streak, tanaka, yellow banded ect. Would be good.

Yellow or blue spot watchman goby would be nice too. Theres a lot of gobies and blennys that could work for you.

I have a court jester goby with my clowns but hes small I would worry about the big mouth on that cardinal fish.

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I would second the watchman goby since you have fish currently in the water column. I would worry about the aggressiveness of the clowns with a pink streaked wrasse since they are incredibly shy. 

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When I had 2 clowns, I had a yellow clown goby and it worked out nice.  The clown goby is one of my favorite.  they perch themselves everywhere and hang out.😁  so cute.

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