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Sold FS - Syncra Silent 1.0


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For sale is a pump with little use.  I used it for about a week in my all-in-one tank (UNS 60A) but is a bit big for the space and thus rattled against sides.  Overall, I expected this pump to be a bit quieter so that is also a reason I am selling.  


It has the original box, manual and all the parts, including the gaskets so you can run it in dry applications.  All the suction cups (4) are present and super pliable.  


Full disclosure, I bought this on NR a few weeks back for a shipped to me price of $40.  Many reefers on this site have been good to me over the years, buying items I have sold and making me good deals on items I have purchased so I want to be upfront and straight with everyone!


I do not really care to loose money on the transaction, so message me your zip code and we can figure out a shipped to you price.  I think something in the $45-50 range depending on your location is fair.  I am in Dallas in the 75243 zip code.  It sells for $55 new on Amazon so with tax is around $60.  


If you are local to Dallas area, am happy to let you have it for a buck or two over $40!  




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