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Originally posted by ny3papi

how can i raise it naturally without the buffer

i believe that's impossible. you have to use some kind of buffer, whether a buffer by itself or embedded within a salt mix (i.e. water-changes).


organic acids from decay usually is the culprit for lower pH. inceased CO2 can also cause lower pH.

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Befor trying a buffer, you should check to see if you have a co2 build up. Take a container of tank water and add an airstone to it. If the pH goes up within a few hours, you need more oxigen in your tank.

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ive had my tank for 4 weeks now,i doubt its the CO2 because i have a power head blowing good amounts of oxygen into the water , ive still got to get a skimmer so its probally an organic problem like tinyreef said

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