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clownfish black dots


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Hey all, 

Seemingly almost overnight, both my clownfish have developed quite a few black spots on their body, from a little research, I have learned this is most likely one of two things, black ich, or hyper-melanisation. Both clowns are eating and behaving completely normal. My tank is 14 gallons and has been up and running for a year. With no new livestock being added in the past month or so. I do have quite a few euphyllia in the tank which I believe are capable of causing this reaction however I have not observed any hosting action (although I don't watch the tank 24/7 so this could occurring at night.) I have attached a few pics below. Cheers. 

unnamed (29).jpg

unnamed (30).jpg

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My money is on them taking a plunge in the euphyllias. 🙂


Mine have always been drawn to them, like moths to a flame!

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Every clownfish I've ever had gets these from playing in coral lol, probably nothing to worry about

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Thank you for your response, do they fade? or will the clownfish have them permanently?

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