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Stocking help for 20-gallon cube


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I am finishing up my fishless cycle and will soon be needing to finalize my stocking list/order. I for sure want a pair of Clowns and a Tailspot Blenny, but unsure if I have room for more. 

Planning to keep Softies and some hardy LPS and will accommodate with a 20% weekly water change.

My stocking list below and will add in the following order


1x Tailspot Blenny


    CUC - Undecided 


(If I have room) 1x Yellow Watchman Goby 

                          1x Pistol Shrimp


2x Ocellaris Clownfish



It ultimately comes down to if I have enough room for the YWMG and the Pistol Shrimp. Please feel free to share your opinions.



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