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My 1.5ft cube nano


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Tank size: 30Gal

Partition to build a Visual 1.5 cube with excess as sump.


Equipment: -Tunze 6000 on 7091 controller

50% and 100% pulse at 5 seconds interval


-Squid with 1500l/hr powerhead for return


-Prizm skimmer


Lighting : 2sets 0f 3x24w T5

(retrofit by Dr. Evil)

2x20k, 2x10k, 2xactinic blue


As i have requested for 2 power cords on each light set. I can stagger

the lighting hours. Total light hours is 10.



Cooling : 1x AC fan and air con at night

temp not higher than 28.3 degrees

( There is no need for chiller with T5 as long as you don't mind the noise

from the fan)



Maintenance: -Water change of 30% every fortnight. Tropic marine salt only.


-Water change of 50% every 4th change.


-Top up water with calcium buffer and KH builder on alternate



- clean skimmer every fortnight.


Parameters : -calcium at 400-450 ppm


- Kh at 9-10 dkh


- I sometimes observe my coraline algae for signs of deficiency in

calcium and KH


- 1.024 sv gravity


- others not measured



Other additives - FORM by Marc Weiss but i think this product is crap and i am

using it only because i bought it.


- iodide by seachem


- strontium by seachem



Other inhabitant- yellow zebrasome

- amber blenny

- 3 astrea snails

- 1 big club dwarf hermit from Danano

- 2 peppermint shrimps


The 2 fish are self sufficient and stay fat primarily on algae found on life rock. I have not fed them for almost half a year.

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ur purple bonsai looks like a tenuis/aculeus. can we get a full tank shot and shots of the set up please? more specific info would be nice as well, such as brands etc. I really like how vivrant your sps are, despite what my sister adin says about their crappy performance.

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those lights seem to be doing well, do you recommend them? I have been thinking about getting T5's for my tank, but havent been able to get any response over whether or not they would be a good way to go.

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I strongly encourage the use of T5 for Nano. For Tank not exceeding 18 inches in height, T5 can give you a good run for the money. Advantages also is the low wattage and heat generated compared with MH. Try it! A lot of sceptics are converting. It is a revolutionary move. I remember reefers got the s######s when MH was first introduced to the marine industry as it was mainly for industrial use.

After having said that, MH still has its place in producing deeper colors in SPS and it is also the only lighting that can penetrate deep tanks.


Originally posted by EnFuego

those lights seem to be doing well, do you recommend them?  I have been thinking about getting T5's for my tank, but havent been able to get any response over whether or not they would be a good way to go.

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thats absolutely amazing. easily the best tank i've seen in a long time. where do you live? :) i see lots of corals in that tank that have been on my wish list, lol.


and jesus christ, a tunze on a 30 gallon cube, those corals must be anchored down like nothin' else!!!! my only question is... where is it?!

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thanks all for the kind compliments. I am from Singapore.


The Tunze is actually hidden behind the piece of life rock on the left(with pink and green digi).


The tunze is wedged under the structure at the back and tilted so current is forced upwards. The rock in front also serves to break the water force.


Reason why i switched to Tunze becos i ran out of ideas to camouflage or decorate the numerous powerheads. I used to have 4 power heads and still find the current they produce inadequate for my SPS.


I superglue all frags onto rocks.. so my SPS don't get blown away.:P


Glad you guys liked it. Will give some updates as the reef develops.



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Originally posted by supernip

adin says about their crappy performance.

this i sad attempt to get me to post, but i guess it worked. if anyone wants to discuss t5ho lighting in the reef aquaria application in comparison to other available sources, feel free to contact me.


nice tank. this and the other SG tanks are a great addition to the members section of this forum. keep us updated.

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Well you may be right. I thought it looked very much like a tenuis too, but some reefers in Singapore actually identified it as a Valida. Thanks for pointing out.


Originally posted by Undertheradar

is that acro really valida?  looks like teneus to me...

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you've just given me the motivation to convert my tank to a bare bottom and add a tunze as well :) did you have to throttle it down so that water wouldn't splash out the top?

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