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HELP: Nuvo Fusion 20 Filter Strength


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Newbie here


I started my tank almost a month ago and just added in my first fish. I have two Mocha Storm Clowns and they are rather juvenile (maybe 3/4 in) and the strength of my filter seems to be too much for them. I just added them last night and noticed that they seemed to be sucked back towards it after about 2 hours of being in the tank. 


I stuffed my intakes with floss to slow down the flow, but I can't turn the output down any further so now there is a large discrepancy between my tank water level and my filter water level.


I've turned off the filter for the moment and am hoping to solve by mid day. Please share any advice or recommendations you have!

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So it sounds like you’re just talking about the flow from the return pump being to strong.  

The fish will acclimate to the flow. You can turn the pump all the way down, and you could add some locline to help slow the flow down, but I really don’t think it’ll be necessary. 

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