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? on MicroBacter7


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I did some research on cyano algae and one of the things it said was to add good bacteria to my tank and it will make it harder for the cyano to grow.  A lot of them suggested MicroBacter7. I just got the MicroBacter7 and it says it helps lower organic waste helping to lower nutrients.


I am trying to RAISE my nutrients.  My nitrates is higher then 0, but not quite 2.  


I am kinda confused and now I don't think I should add this to my tank.  It will work against me, right?


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I think what it means is it will help lower nutrients by adding beneficial bacteria to the tank.

In your case you need this bacteria to out compete the cyano, but you also need to up the nutrient level in the tank to feed this newly added beneficial bacteria.


also, flow. cyano hates good flow.

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Thanks, that makes sense.  I just reread a ton of stuff.  I have been dosing NeoPhos to up my phos.  I want it around 10 while I fight the cyano and everything else.  But my Nitrates are not going up.  I just looked through all my stuff again and found NeoNitro.  I have not been using that.  It says right on the bottle it will work better if you dose MicroBacter7.  Hopefully by adding both of them it will balance out and my ugly bacterias and algaes will go away!!


And I did move some of my rock away from the back wall so it would have better circulation.  


We'll see.

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just battled green cyano for the last month. Double dose chemiclean and followed the instructions, gone in two rounds. Definitely give it a try bc I was at my ropes end on trying every other option. B5A7D644-F176-480A-A5F7-1F86FB7D923C.thumb.jpeg.d52d0f2cd55550e905e1dcd87c604f24.jpeg

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