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How many types of fish would be appropriate for beginner’s first tank?


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Hello buddies! As a newbie building my own first tank, I wonder what’s the maximum quantity of fish types I should put in my first tank ever? Feel free to give me advice and suggestion, please. Appreciate it a lot!

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It will depend on what size of tank you have and the type of fish you are considering.  


When I was "new" to the hobby, I tried to get a small, lower priced fish.  This allowed me to get some "practice" in keeping them and not waste too much money on a fish that might die.  Additionally, the demands for lower priced fish are much less.  Things like damsels are great.  Cheap, very tough and many varieties.  Some types of clownfish are reasonable (less than $30) and aren't too tough to keep.  


You can also add a fish later that is more to your liking, expensive, challenging, etc. as you go.  


Good luck!

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Starts with the size of tank you're looking at will guide your fish choices.  Smaller tanks can be very limited on fish choice.  


But there's a learning curve to SW if you want anything " reef " as opposed to saltwater with Fish + live rock.  Reefs are creating a balance between nutrients / water parameters / clean up crew / fish to support a stable water condition to support the various life you choose to put in your tank.  There are stags of ank we all go through.  Not enough nutrient / too much nutrient / ugly stages / bad algae / etc 


I think Superdave's advice is good to start with  a hardy, inexpensive fish as you learn the hobby.  Unless cost isn't really an issue = for some it's not

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