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Will Apex support offline mode?


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So in the midst of a landscaping upgrade at the end of the day, right before that last email I see "Outlook Offline".... what? when? Why?

I go outside and yep a cable was accidentally cut. I return back inside to call the telecom provider and lo and behold, I realized I had just fed my fish and turned off their pumps. As I fired up the Neptune app I get Apex Offline in red.... not helpful at all.... I need to turn on pumps and for some ripping things apart is not an option. What if I was away remotely and used the feeder?


I was fortuanately able to get to the plug and have just enough to reach a UPS surge port but this brings up a critical question while I am debating the whole Red Sea app vs Neptune App since AI doesn't support IOTA or api over wifi multicast any longer. What if my internet is out due to a cyber attack or other random energy or climate incident, are we to expect we cannot access commands on our Apex locally? Is it possible to get a prompt for direct local connection for outlets?


Also, if I was using the feeder (which I do have and plan on using in two months), would a feed cycle that starts before an outage also not resume after?


This is important as the purpose of the controller is to not only centralize but to "provide control" in the event of adverse or unavailable vendor control.


Welcome comments, thoughts...

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