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How to Install Pendant


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I am in the process of upgradng my lighting (again) on my 20 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium (24"L x12"W x16"D) from a 130W PC Hood to a MH Pendant. I just ordered a Reef Sun Metal Halide Pendant with a 250W 14000K Hamilton bulb and I was wondering what would be the best way to hang it from the ceiling. I am thinking I should have it sit 8" above the water line - is that too high or too low? Is the mounting hardware/cable that comes with it any good? Should I be using something stronger instead of the cabling it comes with? Is there a certain method required in hanging it - 4 cables from the ceiling attached to each corner or one cable down the middle or two cables on the left and right side of the pendant? Unfortunately, the place I am ordering if from only shows the pendant and I've tried looking online for better photos/instructions to install but haven't found anything yet. I'm sure it will come with instructions but in case anyone has other tips, then any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I had contemplated buying a clothes rack similar to this to hang it from instead but I don't want to spend anymore than I have to if hanging it from the ceiling isn't too difficult.

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My MH Pendant is hung from the ceiling over my 20L... We just went to Lowes and got a hook that screws into the ceiling. It has a huge weight rating. and then some black chain that has like 50+lbs rating... Then we just attached it to the hooks that screwed into the pendant... If you get the thing first, it's easier to see what you're going to need to do. Good luck!



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