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Coral Vue Hydros

New to hobby, thoughts on my first Scape


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Hey Everyone,


This is my first reef tank and it's been probably 25 years since my last freshwater tank as a kid.  Finally decided to take the plunge so that I can learn and enjoy this hobby with my daughters.  The plan is to have a few fish, CUC, and eventually some soft corals, maybe a couple LPS.


Anywho, I've got a Fluval 13.5 and just set up my Aquascape.  I had to break down some of the pieces as I was sent (ordered online due to no LFS) 2 large boulders that didn't give me much for options.  I probably could have broken them down further but this was my first go at it.  Hopefully this isn't too much rock either.


I wanted to have some arches, a few different elevations for light variation, and obviously some hiding spots for the fish.   Also that since the tank is in the corner, I wanted the left side to be a bit lower to not obstruct the rest of the tank when looking from that side.  I'm a bit concerned that there may be a dead spot on the lower right corner.  I've pulled the entire structure a bit forward to be centered in the tank but not sure if that will be an issue or not.  I'm using an upgraded return pump with RFG but no wavemaker.  


Thanks for taking a look!






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Really like the rockwork, I am also currently enjoying the same tank. But have left everything stock, I think the lights get a worse rep than they deserve. But that's just my opinion.


As mentioned above just double check you can scrape the glass all around your rockwork. A visible dead spot is not the worse thing in the world, makes taking out detritus that much easier 🤷‍♂️

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Looking good already. I would try to turn the stone on the left/glass side a bit so that it is more crosswise and you create some more optical depth in your scape.

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Thanks everyone. They are excited which has kinda fast tracked us getting things moving.  I don’t mind because I do like the scape.  I centred it so there’s a decent amount of room behind, more than enough to clean and maybe will be alright flow wise.



Unfortunately, I didn’t really consider colouring when it came to the cement, nor did I know how much to use so I think I over did it. Kinda sticks out a bit. Though once things mature and there’s some coral in there it might not be a big deal.  Or I’ll get some more small chunks of rock and cement them in front of those spots.


Now to wait out the Dr. Tim’s cycling!

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I like your rock structure, but it may be difficult to clean the glass as already stated.  You have lots of spots for coral when you are ready to add it.  I might would move the rock towards the back a little to leave more open sand space in the front.  To me watching the tiny stuff in the open sand bed is the most fun.

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@spazizz I can see what you mean. It might be a touch taller than I’d like but wanted another arch or something.   I’ll think about what other options there are now that it’s been cemented. Might just have to go with it.  Thanks for the tip with the sand to cover it though, I like that idea.


@ninjamyst @kimdawg I also agree that more sand bed would be a good thing. I think sliding the whole thing back a bit, enough to give more space in front but still leave enough space behind to clean with the scraper or siphon.  Maybe that’ll help.


I have a suspicion that my Dr.Tim’s one and only had been frozen in shipping (Canada problems eh?) which it isn’t supposed to being live bacteria.  So I guess if the cycle doesn’t work and I have to start again I may consider breaking things up and trying again. 

Here’s a pic with the light on


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