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Is this a Zoa eating nudibranch?


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It's definitely a nudibranch; so there's a good chance it eats zoanthids.  They are all specialized eaters, and there are none that I know of which can be kept long-term without their particular food source (generally a particular kind of coral).


Hmm, I never thought to check them with blue or UV light.  That's pretty cool.

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It was mainly dark purple like a closed zoa flesh and some parts glowed yellow. I do have 2 small frags of zoa's with yellow in their color. Neither have seemed off lately. 

Frankly, zoas aren't my favorite coral, so I don't have a ton of them.


2nd option it maybe a monti eating nudibranch. The last additions to the tank were two plating monti frags. One is neon green and the other was red. They were both dipped.


Going to keep an eye out to see if any more show up during lights out.

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