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Any programmable 0-10v dimmers available?


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Because of life, I had to set aside aquatics for about a 8 years, but I just bought a few tanks over the weekend and am dusting off my old LED stuff. 


I have a handful of Meanwells and similar dimmable drivers (analog 0-10v, not pwm) but I want some automatic sunrise/sunset options so that I'm not terrorizing the fish every day with a sudden on/off. 


I have plenty of LEDs so all I really need are the programmable 0-10v dimmers. 


I'm doing this on a budget, so it doesn't have to be pretty, but I'm hoping to find something as "ready to use out of the box" as possible. 


I am particularly interested in anything that is WiFi or Bluetooth, to use an app on my phone. 

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