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I want to change aquascape in my tank


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When I was first starting up my tank, I made a bad aquascape and I went to quickly and got fish. I now have fish but I don't like my aquascape because when I do decide to put coral, theres weird flow and it won't be able to grow well. And the firfish I do have has enough space to hide between the 2 main rocks. I want to change the aquascape now, how would I do that if I buy live rock. 10 gal nuvo fusion btw with filter floss chemi pure blue and seachem matrix. Also petty sure I have cyno bacteria. 




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Work a pile high to low, from the back right corner to the front left corner. Or vice versa. High growing corals on the back side and low growers on the front. Like an elementary class photo. 

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