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Retain algae in AIO filter chamber?


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I'm running a waterbox cube with an AI prime.

Middle chamber houses the heater and a bag of matrix but is otherwise empty.

I've recently noticed large clumps of algae at the top of the chamber near the baffles (there's no cover so get light from the prime).


The display is going well, got over a bout of dinos late last year, the subsequent GHA bloom is slowly receding. Algae growth on the glass has slowed considerably as well.


My questions...

Should i remove the algae from the filter or it acting as a nutrient sink?

If so, should i also cover off the filter area?

By covering the filter am i promoting more algae growth in the display?



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The algae is taking up some nutrients.  The question I have is what are your tank's current levels (of phosphate and nitrate), and what were they before the algae growth?


I like to keep phosphate between 0.03ppm and 0.10ppm, and nitrate between 3ppm and 10ppm.  Higher values are usually better than lower values.


The algae is acting as a macroalgae refugium (helping to reduce algae in your display).  However, getting rid of the algae in the back chambers doesn't necessarily mean that it will return into the display area.


If your nutrient levels are low, then the algae is stealing precious nutrients from your corals.  In this case, I'd definitely remove the algae.  If nutrient levels are high, I might just let it be for awhile while monitoring nutrient levels.

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