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New orphek atlantik light


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Still on the search for a new light... Ive thought about hybrid lights now for a while T5/LED. Then the  newest Orphek Atlantik just dropped and has me rethinking the full LED setup again.  What is everyone's thoughts on Orphek? Back some years ago when LEDS first started to come on the market for reef tanks they made a Par38 Style thread in light. The only problem with it was The LEDS burned out in them.(Went through 6 before I through in the towel and I'd say MarineDepot was also probably over warranting them) I blame the fact that the driver was internal and over heated. Has anyone had and issues with the previous versions of the Atlantik lights? ie: what I'm talking about? I see that they do use MW drivers on this fixture and are not internal. Im currently running an Aqamai LRM and looking to replace it.


With all that being said...

What is the app like? Is it buggy? Is it user friendly?  (Most Apps ive seen are garbage IMO including the Aqamai one I'm  using now) Most of all is this worth it at $1000? 



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