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Selling my 10g Nano Reef w/ corals and all equipment - 300 OBO Pickup only NJ

Gourami Swami

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Gourami Swami

Hello Nano-reef,

I had recently downsized my reef due to my career, and now I am having to move to a smaller apartment closer to the train, to make the commute into NYC easier.

So now I am sadly looking to sell my reef and get out of the game for the moment. I am looking to move it ASAP, so I am offering it as a bundle deal for a low price, to get it sold fast.

I don't want to part it out, unless somebody buys all the livestock first. Please don't ask if you can buy only the light, only the ATO- I need them for the livestock unless someone buys first.


Everything mostly has been used for only about 3 months. ATO and powerhead used for about 2 years. Condition on everything is great, everything works well and no scratches etc.

Have not had any bad algae or pests in this tank other than a short diatom bloom which is about gone.


Here are the specs:


10 gallon Aqueon "Frameless" rimless aquarium w/ glass lid

Lominie LED light

Tunze 3155 ATO (the big boy, best ATO you can buy. Have original box etc)

3 gallon reservoir for ato.

Jebao OW10 Powerhead

Internal AIO filter insert w/ pump. Came from some other AIO setup, fits and works well in this 10 gallon.

Stand in photos is not included.


Fish: One Misbar Occ clownfish. Have had this guy for 3 or 4 years, stayed small (never had with another clown). Healthy as can be.

Corals (see photos for size, etc)

20 or so red mushrooms of two variety. They keep multiplying and spreading. Sizes range from dime-sized to quarter-sized.

Kenya tree

pipe organ

Palyzoa 2 species

Zoanthids (neon green)

Leather coral

Neon green sinularia leather

rock flower anenome orange/green.


Asking for $300 obo.

Pickup only in Jersey City, NJ

text for fast response- two zero one, five seven five, nine zero nine one









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Gourami Swami

bump! Open to reasonable offers, someone buy this so I don't have to move with it!

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