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How Many Fish For a 23G Tank


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Hi, I have set up a 23G tank and hope to keep FOWLR. How many fish it can carry ? my plan is below,


2 Nemos (little over one inch)

1 Diamond or watchman goby

1 tang with the size of one or two inch (yellow, purple or blue)

Few snails and one or two crabs (crabs are not a must)


Please give your thoughts. I have live rock, sand in my tank and using Aquaforest Bio S to boost the cycling process. No skimmer, plan to do weekly water changes



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3 to 4 small fish in a tank that size. The clowns are fine. No tang in a tank that size. They are territorial need lots of swimming room and grow to get big....diamond gobies dig...like Lot...in the sand bed and make a mess it's up to you of you want to deal with there habits. 


Other fish that i can think of that would be good in that tank instead of the tang or diamond gobie that would be ok with the clowns. While these would be fine with clowns not all are compatable with others on the list and could have agression with some of the other more simmilar looking or shaped fish on the list.


Yellow watchman goby

Blue spot watchman goby

Orange spot goby

Molly Miller blenny 

Barnicle blenny

Bicolor blenny

Tailspot blenny

Two spot blenny

Pink streak wrasse 

Tanaka wrasse

Possum wrasse

Fire fish

Purple firefish 

Helfrichi firefish

Neon goby

Shark nosed goby

Yellow neon goby

Wheelers shrimp goby

Court jester goby

Hectors goby

Clown gobies (theres several kinds)

Royal gramma (ocasionaly agressive but I havent seen it)

Orchid dottyback (other dotty backs may be too agressive)



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The above recommendations are appropriate. Definitely no tang. It seems like this is your first salt water experience and I would do less than what is recommended. Take it slow and do your research. 

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9 hours ago, Nixperience said:

The above recommendations are appropriate. Definitely no tang. It seems like this is your first salt water experience and I would do less than what is recommended. Take it slow and do your research. 

Good point I would probly start with just the clowns then maby get a 3rd fish after a few weeks to months when you have done more research and have some expearance. 4 especealy depending on the types you pick could be pushing the bio load if you arnt prepaired. Its probly better to wait untill sometime  down the road when you get more expearance and  information before trying to do 4 . I see you have mentioned fish in "inches" that is a very general rule and imo not a great one you have to concider the adult size of the fish and the type and agression levels of the ones you are trying to mix in the tank.

What sort of filtration are you planning? Water changes are fine but it needs some water movement and circulation.


Theres more fish than on my list that would be good for a third fish but most are just less commonly avalable.


A few snails and hermits and is fine there some brightly colored comonly found hermits that are nice. Theres less color full ones that work fine but heres some brighter ones.


Halloween hermits

Blue legs hermits

Red legs hermits

Blue eyed hermits.


Good snails for your tank include.


Nerites (climb out alot)


Florida cerith

dwarf cerith

Nassarius snails

Money cowries 

Margarita snails

Trochus snails.


Theres lots of inverts that you could concider after you have done some research that would have fairly low impact on bioload some types of cleaner shrimp or anemone shrimp peppermint shrimp or even a few reef/fish safe crabs. Like emeralds or Ruby's or porcelains. Not all get along with each other tho so probly just best to pick one or two that do after you have done your research.

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Gourami Swami

The clowns will be fine,  ut definitely no tang that can live in there though. Even at only 2", I felt that my 40 gallon was too small for the tomini (smallest species) tang I had, so I sold him.

On the diamond goby, it would probably be OK but as noted, they like to dig alot and can destabilize your rockwork.

I would suggest a blenny instead. Similar looking enough, very chaming, and they eat algae. A Tailspot would be a good choice.

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