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Coral Vue Hydros

Hammer coral turning white and not opening?


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Hammer coral lost the purple/green color and went to a faint white. No tissue loss or polyp bailout (for now) but the polyps aren’t opening. I’ll post a before pic and after pic since I moved tanks. But oddly enough you can see that the frogspawn and tiny new hammer polyps are colorful and extending, albeit not as much since the tank move. The par is around 80 in that spot. AFTER PIC IS LIGHTS OFF BUT DOESNT CHANGE HOW THE POLYPS EXTEND/LOOK DURING DAY

the only thing I can think is the light drop off since it’s in a longer tank and I have yet to get another light but I have a spare fluval evo stock light that can hold 100 par at the sand bed over it. 

already lost my biggest frogspawn from polyp bailout and don’t want to lose anything else. Tank is very uneasy right now 


nitrates 20

ph 8.1

alk: 11

calc: 460

mag: 1360


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