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ID an Encrusting Coral


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Hey everyone, I recently bought a new encrusting coral from my LFS and I was wondering if anyone could ID it for me. Its an encrusting coral with a red base and yellow/orange polyps. I'm under the assumption that it may be a monti, but I may be incorrect. All inputs are appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



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I don't think it's a chalice.... but I don't remember what it is.

I've got one, I think,  though: 388977081_questioncoral.thumb.jpg.591dea1d477633cce4f987110671b2fb.jpg

I remember right... something eye leptoseris?  It doesn't sound quite right, but I think eye is in the name, at least.

EDIT: maybe starry night psammocora?

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I have a silver eyed lepto, maybe yours is "green eyed" or something?  The habit is lepto, but the "eyes" look so large, like a chalice.  Also the coloration is exactly like my lfs' favorite chalice.  Both could just be due to the way things photograph with our phone cams.

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