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2x ac 500

RP Beesh

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do you think 2 ac 500 will create a lot of flow for a 29 gallon ACA? i think i will make it a fish only tank. do you think i need a fruge because i do have a hob fuge hanging around.

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Blind Tree Frog

The two ac500's will work as a fuge if you want.


Max of 1000gallons per hour being moved. I'd wager that that's enough flow for your tank. Though it won't be directed flow if that matters. if you want to get really fancy, get a wave controller for them and have it switch which AC500 is on every 15 minutes or so.

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how much flow do you think i need for a fo tank? alot or enough for movement of water. would a maxi jet 1200 enought? do you think i need a hang on back filter? or would my 45lb of lr be fine with the powerhead?

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