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Pistol shrimp buried my ricordea


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Hey guys so I have 2 ricordea in my tank and they are not glued down or anything. Lately they’ve been getting knocked off the rock a lot but the other day I came back to one of them on the other side put it and another one is no where to be found. My belief is that a hermit or snail knocked it off and my shrimp buried. What do you guys think I should do? Is it safe to leave in sand to just die? Will it release anything toxic to my tank? Any help would be great!

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Chances are, your pistol took it in to its den to build with. If it does end up dying, it shouldn’t impact your tank much at all. 

I’d recommend glueing things down, if you’re going to keep a pistol shrimp. You might also put some rock rubble or shells near it’s den so it has things to use to build with. 

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They can be assholes. Mine took and buried my rock that had 3 orange rics on it and well they all died. it wasnt a small rock either. they are tough little guys

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I haven't seen my pistol shrimp take anything, but they will dig out all the sand under a frag plug until it falls into their cave and then push all that sand out of another entrance burying something else.  To some extent, they stop renovating so much when most of the hole is dug and consistent, but you have to be on the lookout for the things in the 'splash zone' that may be covered up and move them or excavate them (and the latter will almost always be undone the next day) to keep them from being buried.


The short answer to your question is that yes it's bad for almost any coral to be fully buried.  Under the sand you get neither the light nor water circulation that's needed to survive, so while a few hours won't matter, a couple days could certainly end that coral.

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