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Curing LR Options (Poll, all vote!)


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Alright, I am going to be buying some LR here in the next week or so but I was wondering what people though about these options and which one they preferred or used themself.


I still am not sure whether I am buying uncured or cured LR, but what is the best way to introduce it to a tank.


1) Just drop it in the tank and let it cure

2) Do a Freshwater dip then put it in the tank and let it cure.

3) Create and extremely high salinity level and let it sit in that for a while first then drop it in.


any information is helpful I ask this because I would prefer not hiving any unwanted hitchhikers and I dont know how to prevent them.

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Dr. Saltwater

I chose #1 ... I think the other aren't helpfull ... you don't want everything to die on your LR ! Cost you a lot money for nothing if you kill everything on it. The filtering effect will be a lot less also if done #2 and #3.


Just drop it in the tank and make sure you have a good skimmer or starting refugium ... that's the best way to cure

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You can buy cured rock. like Walt Smith. But, option 3 is not a bad way to go. You need to qualify what you mean by "very high salinity." Here are some good instructions for doing a quick curing of even pre-cured live rock.


Before (or after) curing your newly arrived live rock, you can submerse the new rock into a bucket filled with saltwater with a specific gravity of 1.035 to 1.040 for one minute. Any invertebrates including: mantis shrimp, bristle worms, and crabs, will quickly evacuate from the rock into the bucket of water. Bristle worms still attached to the rock can be removed with a pair of needle-nosed pliers or tweezers. After removing the live rock from the bucket, you can then sort through the invertebrates in the bucket that you will want to add to your system, and discard all of the unwanted pests.


This was shamelessly plucked from the Dr.s Foster and Smith website, but have worked for me.

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