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Red Sea 50 lighting questions


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Hello all.....


May I please have some help/advice/input with regards to transitioning my tank from PC's to the Red Sea 50 LED.  My current vision is reef dominated with predominantly soft corals and LPS. I may add in a couple hardy SPS down the road. 



-15 gallon high tank (20" x 10" x 18"), 10 gallon sump

-Currently powered by 60 watts 50/50 PC's

-tank is a year old


Currently stocked with:

-leather corals

-clove polyps


-Pipe organ coral



-trumpet coral

-tubinaria coral




1) How do you decided between 20K and 23K settings 

2) What would be my max( percentages ) of blue and white lights at the end of the acclimation period?

3) what percentages of blue and white lights should I start the acclimation period with?

4) How long should my acclimation period be?

5) How long should my ramp up and ramp down time be?

6) How long should I have my lights on? Currently my lights are on for 8 hours


Many thanks








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Sorry that I can't answer your specific questions.  However, in general:

  • Spectrum is often considered personal preference.
  • When increasing LED light, limit changes to 5% a week.
  • Ramp up and down might lessen the chance of startling fish.  However, I consider it more esthetics than necessity.
  • 8 hours of daylight lighting is fairly common.  You might lessen it just a little to compensate for the additional ramp up and down cycles.
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No need to be sorry, thanks for the input. Personally doing research about the hobby is enjoyable.  Do you have an websites or youtube channels you would recommend ? 


Thank you, Take Care

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43 minutes ago, CMuentener said:

Do you have an websites or youtube channels you would recommend ?

BRStv has some good content.


Wet Web Media


Live Aquaria has a lot of info in fish species.


There are a number of good sources depending on the topic.  Plus, there are other forums, but this is a great one with lots of information to dig through.

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