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Full NUVO 10 Setup FS (Indiana)


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Established Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 10 Tank for sale.  $450

Tank has been established for close to 5 years. This is a complete "turn key" system, and sold as is. Photos provided are from earlier this year. There have been some coral losses since these photos. The current corals are listed below, as well as the current equipment. Currently the tank does have a few aiptasia that would need to be dealt with, so ideally you have a quarantine tank to have those taken care of, or purchase a small filefish or peppermint shrimp to take care of these. If you were to go that route, you could set it up as it is currently and let the livestock clean them up.

Current Equipment List:

IM NUVO Fusion 10
AI Prime HD with Flex Arm
InTank Media Basket
Eheim Jager Heater x2
Sicce 1.0 return Pump
Sicce 0.5 retun pump (for Mixing Salt)
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
Polyplab Photo Lens
Duetto Dual-Sensor ATO Aquarium Auto-Top-Off System and reservoir tank.
Various maintenance equipment 


10 lbs Fiji Pink Sand
8-9 lbs Reef Saver Rock from BRS
Filter floss
Chemi-Pure Blue


2 Ocellaris Clowns
2 Trochus Snails
2 Nassarius Snails
1 Brittle starfish. 

Current Corals:

Date Night Paly's
Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly
Rasta Zoa
Rainbow Hornet Zoa's
Fruit Loop Zoa
Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s
Scrambled Egg's Zoa's
JF Fairy Tale Zoa's
Utter Chaos Zoa's
Rainbow Incinerator Zoa's
Purple Rhodactus Mushroom 
Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom
Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom
Candy Cane Coral Colony
Purple Gorgs
Pink Blasto
Jack-O-Lantern Lepto
Bejewled Favia
Unnamed Yellow Favia
ORA Birdsnest
Tyree Neon Green Toadstool (Long Polyp)
Neon Green GSP
Rainbow Clove Polyps
Kedds Reds Zoas
Nirvana Paly
Gobstopper Paly
Mandarin Orange Zoa
Grandis Paly
Yellow Submarine Favia
Spicy Lemon Favia
Bowtie Bowsers Zoa
WWC Illuminati Zoa
Salted Agave Zoa
Frozen Mohican Zoa

Price is firm. I have over 2500 in this little nano tank. Its been well taken care of, and I'd like it to go to a good home. No parting out equipment, and no selling frags. All or nothing.

A full build thread is located here:






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Interested, if the tank is still around. I am located in Northern Indiana. About 30 minutes from Valparaiso Indiana (46383). How far are you from there.

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