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I just set up a new 5 gallon with established rock from an LFS and noticed this little guy on the glass today. Was curious as to what it is and if it would pose a threat to any coral.


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On 12/30/2021 at 1:55 PM, M. Tournesol said:

Yes, it look like a flatworm (maybe a Convolutriloba). 

I would say no but I am not an expert. Mine don't seem to bother my sps however, you could have a different species...

yup it looks exactly like the picture in that article, thank you!

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A lot of flatworms are going to look very similar, the approximate body shape and color are fairly common.  Luckily, as with many pest organisms, if it's a coral eater, it's diet likely doesn't include much else, so if you're starting a new tank and don't yet have coral, the time to get the tank going may starve some of these specialist pests out.  If it's not a coral eating type, the most likely problem would just be multiplying, getting on stuff, and looking bad.  And unless your care regimen, environment, and feeding schedule happens to be great for them, then any such bloom would likely fade with time.

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