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Thinking about a mandarin


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I have moved up to a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon sump/fuge. What does everyone think about me getting a target mandarin. Everything came from established tanks(8 months and older). Possible there will be enough pods for him?

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you say you have a 20 gallon sump fuge? If you can tailor that to be your pod metropolis, you certainly will have enough for him to eat. Thing is, it takes time. Several months even, to establish a functioning pod hierarchy. I speak like a pod specialist because when I started my 18 gallon, it wasnt until i year later that I purchased fish or shrimp. Meaning, the pods were given the perfect environment for a whole year without any predation. Now if i understand you correctly you will be transporting materials with pods already on them to a new tank? If so, this will not be enough immediately. You really need to let these guys settle down within your sump/fuge for at least a month so they can create a balanced chain of command. To accomplish this, your fuge should maintain a large amount of live rock, enough but not too much macro/micro algae (nothing overgrown), and a decent sand bed. Model it like a main display but without the obvious eye candy. Put some sort of lighting over it too. Pod colonies need a night/day cycle too. Once you see a couple grandparent pods (very big, you will spot them by the "devil horns" on their abdomens which are visible jutting out from the live rock) and a fresh new batch of offspring accumulating on the glass where an algae film usually is, your tank should be fully primed to handle any fish that require a constant supply of live food, whether it be a mandarin, pipefish, or seahorse. Your mandarin will never allow the same copepod settlement to occur in its main display becuase it will be constantly consuming the ones that enter via fuge. As long as you make your refugium the proper copepod home base (give it plenty of time to really become that) your fish will be fat and happy.

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also you sump need to gravity fed back in to the main tank. otherwise most of your pods will be belendrized buy impeller on youer return pump.

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Yes, I did move overything from my old tank(35 lbs. LR, 30lbs LS + corals and fish) into the new tank. I also added about 15lbs LR and 15lbs LS from another reefers estb. tank. My 40 has been up for 3 weeks now. I'm gonna wait at least another month before I look for my mandarin. I will watch the pod pop. closely.

Is it true that the return pump will blend the pods. I have heard some debate over this. I have read that their larva will pass unharmed to the show tank via return pump.

Thanks for responses guys

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