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Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer


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Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer, 110 GPH (450L), 15 x 4.5 x 5 cm body, plus spray bar. Have positive experience with it, for a specific use.

Possible uses:

  • as surface skimmer,
  • mechanical filter,
  • for creating diffused flow (with spray bar).

As surface skimmer, it is more efficient than HOB with surface skimming, larger collecting area. And comparing to small motorized surface skimmers, larger accessible pad.

Fairly big for in-tank hardware, but it can be hidden behind the rock. I am using it in 5.5 gal tank for creating diffused flow, unlike the one large stream from HOB filter or HOB protein skimmer. More freedom with positioning corals, without having to leave an empty space for a stream. Spaybar can be drilled, covered by small holes, creating a lot of weaker jets, affecting each other, fairly close to a random flow. If aesthetics of your tank can take it, spraybar can be positioned: in the middle forward, at the back, angled between rocks, with filter body being behind the rock, even slightly up and down if needed.

Filter floss pads can be replaced easily, as soon as needed, even daily. I am using short hemostat for this, and keeping cut to the size spare pads in the box, ready for use.

Cons, to be aware of, most of them are manageable:

  • It is big, if you need small surface skimmer, see Rio or Eheim surface skimmers.
  • Flow is strong, 110 gph, I had to drill extra holes in a spray bar because of this.
  • It's more for rimless tanks, for a tank with black rim either there is additional hanger, to be used together with the main, or add insert for the main bracket on the back (I was using plastic toothpick box).
  • It can vibrate. If silicone knob at the bottom is not enough, double sided suction cup between wall and filter can help. And on contact with tank's top rubber pad or anti-vibrational pad.
  • Cleaning. Pump can be removed through the bottom of the filter body. If there is a lot of growth on the walls, it can get stuck, then, as with any stuck parts gentle tapping with wooden dowel and mallet solves the problem.
  • Water level (or adjusting height of the hanger) plays role in slurping sound and bobbing of the floating part. Water level should be fairly high.
  • In case if the metal screw in your model rusts, replace it by nylon screw.
  •  Micro bubbles can happen is water is high in organics (not necessarily nitrates, more proteins and some slime), change pad more frequently and either do more water changes or use activated carbon or Purigen.
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