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Duncan suddenly closed.

1st reef

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3 minutes ago, 1st reef said:

Got this Duncan on Saturday and was doing great till this afternoon. 

Came home after work today  and noticed its closed. Spot fed yesterday mysis shrimp. Normal behavior? 




Could it just be mad because that hermit is molesting it?

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I had that happen the last week after a Meaty shrimp meal the day before.  Duncan came back to normal within a day or two. If you look online it's somewhat commom they can do this. 


Mine bunch away sometimes if I do a tank cleaning too.  It's a hearty coral that can at times be moody. 


I wish you had it a little longer than since Saturday though.  Not enough time to know if it likes  your tank. You can keep these anywhere, but I was told when I put it in my tank start in the sand and move it up as it acclimated. I just moved mine to the top of rockwork this week.


 Maybe put it in sandbed and leave it alone for a while to see how it responds.  Do you have other corals. how are they doing?  Nitrate / Phos  levels?


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less than bread

Duncans can be sensitive or finicky like that but they open back up as quickly as they hide away. Overall they are a hardy coral and it's fun to watch them grow. I feel like mine will close up sometimes if I look at it funny.

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Good to hear it opened. Since it gets large amounts of food in a short time (by eating chunks of food), it has the option of staying closed for a while.

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