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Cultivated Reef

Glass thickness of CB2 jar


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Hey all, after waiting a month for the extra large cb2 jar to ship, I've finally received it. The clarity is way, way better than any Anchor Hocking, but I'm slightly concerned about the thickness. The cylinder wall is 1/8" and the bottom is definitely thicker, although I haven't measured. I'll be placing it on a rubber pad fwiw.




Do you think 1/8th would be fine for a 3g jar? I think I'll just have to not over pack it with precarious rock and be really careful when working with it, but I'm open to opinions.

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1 hour ago, mcarroll said:

I doubt you have much to worry about from the water pressure....but you're right that its going to be relatively fragile to any hard knocks!

Yeah, I'm thinking I may be best off using 3 or so smaller chunks of rock or something just to minimize the weight that might possibly bonk into the side when cleaning. I think the clarity is such an improvement that it's worth the risk..

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