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What in the world????


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I have had a terrible time trying to get this picture resized to put on here.

This thing is very tiny. Probably about 1/8" across. I found it on my front glass. It reminds me of a tiny jellyfish. It sporatically pulses like the xenia. I have also seen it swimming around the tank. Looks just like a jellyfish when it swims. I have been on these forums for quite awhile now and have never seen anything like this. Can anyone help me. It is so tiny but so perfect.

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It's a jellyfish

I heard you! I thought you were just giving me a hard time because I said it reminded of a jellyfish. I have been following these forums for several months now, and forgive me saying it but, some of the people on here are real smart a$$es!! I thought you were being one of them. I have not heard anyone say anything about having jellyfish in their tanks. Is this common? Obviously I am going to have to leave it in there because it is so tiny. I guess I will just call him "sqishy". I think there is a few of them in there. Are they going to cause a probably in the future. Can anyone tell me anything about them?

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Do you have anything that looks like this in your tank? Here is a pic that looks like yours. If it is then you have the medusa stage of a hydroid swimming around. They usually don't last very long in aquariums. Either because that life stage is short and they metamorphosed, it was eaten by something, or a pump puréed it. HTH

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Yes, this is what I have. I think I have a few of them. I have seen a few different sizes in there. I don't think there is any way for me to get them out because I have about 35lb of LR in my 20L. Lots and Lots of hiding places. From the sounds of it, they don't live very long. Why are they so bad. What will they do?

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