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200ltr reef tank


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Hi all, my nitrates are zero, and phosphates are 0.04, the problem is my torch coral is shrinking  to almost 5mm long... 

i have a 200ltr tank and i have just done a 25ltr water change.

my skimmer is back on as i have had zero nitrates for 2 weeks now .

its the red sea test kit, and  all other prams are ok..

any help please ASAP... i am struggling now with this problem

I am using Coral food though a syringe directly feeding it..

1026 sal

430 cal

mag 1500

 ph 8.2

nitrates 0....

phosphate 0.04

only 7 fish.. 1 x 3" regal tang.. 2 clowns, 2 bangi's  2 fire fish.. 

tank is 18months old now...

should i turn off the skimmer 

should i turn off the phosphate reactor

should i remover the filter sock


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How often are you feeding the fish? And what are you feeding?


How often are you doing waterchanges?


Phos reactor, i wouldn't use one personally. Your phos is at 0.04, any lower and you can have even bigger problems.


Are you using any media that reduces nitrates? 



If reducing frequency/size of waterchanges and increasing feedings doesn't raise nitrates then dosing nitrates is the next step

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hi i am feeding every other day, 2 frozen cubes shrimps... mixed in Red sea A/B then syringed  into the corals..when defrosted 

i did add cheato  a few weeks ago and removed it today.

water changes i was doing 50ltr every 2 weeks.. 

phosphate reactor has about half a cup in it and changed every 2 weeks  ( phosguard  )

i think the cheato was sucking all the nitrates out..


how do you remove your phosphate's

should i turn off the skimmer..

should i remover the filter sock for the time being  


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You need phosphates and nitrates. 


Phosguard and other phos reducing media should only be used as needed.


A sterile tank devoid of nutrients and algae is not healthy.


Red sea ab + is supposed to be dosed into the tank directly in high flow not syringed into the corals.


The filter sock just removes particles not really nutrients.



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hi should i turn off the phosphate reactor,  even tho its at 0.04.. 

should i  leave the skimmer off totally and let the nitrates build up

how do i control the phosphates and nitrates.

i will stop direct feeding the corals today..


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