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Requesting links of failed reef tank cycles, for a pattern study


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Hey nano-reef.com working on some 2022 cycling assemblies and I wanted to ask for helpful input along certain lines for the study


Please scour the web and link back here any failed initial cycle attempts you can find.


Key difference in this analysis: test kits from any source aren't the determinant, its gotta be dead animals. Show any cycle from the start of online reef logging that failed, and the initial bioload could not be carried. if you can't find a single tank wipeout cycle, then post instances where they report or show clear distressing behavior in fish or other animals vs 100% totally normal behavior.


Signs of an uncycled reef tank (if you take five pounds of dry rock, put in a paint bucket of saltwater, dry sand, no bottle bac, add fish and clean up crew and feed them, all this happens in ~ 48 hours)


-cloudy water


-dead animals




the search returns need to show the physical proofs of being not ready, can't be just a test. 


  animal behavioral changes such as all snails on back, fish darting around and never, never feeding when burned are present in bad cycle starts. Animals undergoing kidney loss or distress do not feed, they're near death (endogenous nh3 burn) so let's see the reef tank version where external nh3 noncontrol is killing or stressing the animals. 


Why this is needed: today's and all last 20 year's cycling paradigms are centered around consequence risk mitigation. in 2022 we're going to need to see how the consequences panned out. There's like two million searchable cycle reports, and among those, I guarantee a few folks didn't follow the rules, show their losses not their total ammonia reports. 


we now have thousands and thousands of fish + bottle bac cycles added on day one, with no wait, which is the #1 most dangerous harmful approach any cycle umpire will agree it burns fish.


so on that continuum of harm, posted by thousands, let's see the loss end of the scale. I can find only wins, all of them. for all the years, that's a serious set of data skews so double check me



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If it helps any this same exact request has been on thereeftank.com for two months, no search returns, and for eight months on reef2reef. no search returns. 


In asking every popular reef board for one example, we're having to struggle quite a bit. 


I know two examples that really started off suspect then took a different turn:

-one poster was losing clownfish asap when added, reporting .25 and the group assessment was obviously death from ammonia burning. Then on page eight he disclosed his entire sump was hand built using mold prevention silicone from home depot. 


-another poster losing clownfish / within 5 minutes of adding to the tank/ on subsequent pages disclosed they were pouring out most shipping transport bag water, drip acclimating for multiple hours before adding to the tank. Ammonia burn was happening, but not in the tank.


so in your searches you really may find a standout example, but try and find 3


search helps: go any any boards new tank's forum, that's where the roughest most haphazard cycles exist. 


they all work fine, I think you will see in pattern.



so when assessing cycles, how many times have the umpires relayed the meanness of the fish + bottle bac cycle, or the for-sure burn that's happening (without any symptoms)


there's a conflict between how we're advised to cycle, and the clear reports of how people doing it their own way logged for the last two decades. 


100% of all failed (stalled) cycles seem to be entry level test kit analysis only, with no animal impacts, many are Prime-induced complete misreads never stating that additive but when asked will agree it was dosed in prep water. Some are missing the nh3 conversion step and reporting back very high levels which are actually ten times lower when converted


some take their readings in slightly green LED kitchen lighting 🙂


so when we remove the testing confound from the hunt, what's found to show a stalled or incomplete/bad cycle?


what's proposed as the most dangerous time in reefing, the highest risk loss rate, is actually reversed. We can't find any real loss patterns. you can't mess up a cycle because microbiologists engineered an effective way to sell us water bacteria in water. 


in 100% of reef forum boards online, which subforum posts the most losses?


the fish disease one. on every board


so, where should we be aiming the concerns and detailing when coaching up new cycle reefs?



that's what the article is building up, make your observed cases here if possible pls




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linking this here, the opposite of my request above, to help make the point


(we arent going to get the death examples, the request was meant to show how hard those are to find in searches)



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