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Jellyfish Art Nano tank conversion?


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Hi there,


I am a newbie to this community as I have not retained anything from my days with my saltwater tanks and I sucked at the jellyfish game 😞 


anyway, I have the below tank and would like to use it as fish tank. I don’t care what as I know how limited I am. 



Has anyone done this or know anything??


thank you in advance for any help ☺️


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A two-gallon, very tall aquarium like that isn't really ideal for most non-jellyfish purposes. Or for jellyfish- way too small to handle the waste. You'll be limited to maybe a trimma goby as fish, and frankly you might wind up with some pretty serious problems trying to maintain stability. The light is probably also not anywhere near adequate for reef purposes, and I don't know how you'd get a better one into that lid. I'd honestly suggest just a simple 5-10gal rectangular tank, as the horizontal space gives more room for fish to swim and opens up your stock options a bit. 


That said, it could be really cool if you could get it to work. I just don't think I'd suggest it as a may-as-well-be-first tank. Unless you plumbed it into a 10gal refugium or something like that, to help with stability. Still wouldn't fix the lighting or allow for other fish in the cylinder, but you could put low-light corals in the cylinder (if the light even supports them) and other fish in the refugium. 

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Yeah jellyfish aren't for the faint at heart. I fed my jellyfish hunger by volunteering at my closest public aquarium. I don't think they're wildly difficult, but there is a level of discipline towards them from my experience.


This could be a good 2 gallon snail kingdom.

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I presume you spent a lot of money on that little tank, but why torture some poor fish in it? 


Sell it, or eat the loss, and get a fish tank if you want to keep fish, have a heart. 

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sell the tank, a sucker is born every minute. after that, buy a 10 gallon, a aquaknight, a digiten ato, 20 lb fiji pink, preset 50w heater aqueon, aquaclear 20, freesea 500gph pump 10g distilled water 50g bag of instant ocean and you're all set for fish. just drop in some rocks too. you can keep many species in a 10 gallon.  

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