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My clownfish got stung but when we take her out of the tank she seems fine


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I got a tank for our lightning clownfish because she was aggressive in the other tank and right once we put the anemone in and fed them she got stung. When we took her out of the tank she stopped dropping to the bottom but right once we put her back in she falls to the bottom then swims a bit but keeps falling. please help I don't know what to do!

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Leave her alone. Taking her out of the tank will just stress her. Consider removing the anemone, though. You can put it in a floating tupperware with holes for circulation, or in a breeder box. 


Did you see her acclimating to the anemone? Gradually brushing against its tentacles little by little until she could comfortably sit in it? If not, she might not have time, or it may have been the wrong kind of anemone. 


Pictures would be good. A video clip of how she's moving might help. 

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2 hours ago, JellyMeme said:

she's fine now we brought the anemone back to the store because the water needed to run for a few more days

So is the tabk not cycled?


That might be the problem with the clown not the anemone.

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Unless you used cured ocean live rock, your tank was not ready for fish in 3 days. The bacteria for the nitrogen cycle need to be heavily established and populated, or your fish will suffer ammonia damage and potentially die. 

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Well, that's good, but the tank not being cycled is still a concern. If the clownfish actually had something wrong and wasn't just acting strangely because clownfish act strange sometimes, it's from the tank not being ready for fish. You need to get an ammonia test kit (an accurate one, not test strips or API) and start testing regularly, so you can keep ammonia below a harmful level until the tank is cycled enough to handle ammonia on its own.

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