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Broke student's 6gal shallow pico


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8 hours ago, Amnemonemomne said:

are you planning on adding any fish or inverts for this tank?

I have tons of inverts - trochus, a few blue leg hermits, a few scarlet, an emerald crab and a pep shrimp… the few gobies I have tried always disappear after a few days and I am almost certain I have another predatory worm in the system… 

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9 month photo dump!


Did some clean up - moved a lot of corals and frags over to my newly set up 20g frag system - and rearranged some of the scape.


Added a few new sps pieces recently. 


Added an ATO to keep up with the evaporation increases due to my cooling fans. 

happy reefing everyone







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I recently underwent a procedure and have had oodles of time to lay around, recover, and look at my reef - and the temptation to mess with things that *don't need messing with* is insane! Just posting here to keep myself honest and say that besides my biweekly WC there are no new updates on the 6g peninsula - LOL.


After getting a handle on the "mixed reef" on such a small scale (along with my Ecology and Evolutionary Bio degree nearing completion), the aquaculture side of the hobby has a death grip on my waking hours. I set up a small 20g frag system just for this purpose a few mos ago and it is already growing skeletons! (old pic - there are abt a dozen frags in there rn)



Can anyone out there think of any underrated corals (maybe ones that you wish more people kept, or just some stunning color morphs that arent $$$) that I should try? I'm comfortable with pretty much anything except super high end acros and wild collected meat corals... 

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On 6/27/2022 at 12:32 AM, campbell_wat said:

sorry for the late reply, I have been away from the forum for awhile. My only flow is two little surface skimmer/powerhead thingys with a chamber for some media. They're like $20 on amazon and are worth every penny. Can provide a link if anyone is interested.


I have them both positioned pointing straight out from the right side of the tank across the surface to create one big (powerful) circular flow...

I would love a link! Everything is looking so good!!!

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On 7/7/2022 at 11:36 PM, greenerdayz said:

I would love a link! Everything is looking so good!!!



you can't use the included screw, but instead have to super glue the bracket to the body of the pump. you'll see what i mean once you have the product in hand... otherwise worth every penny. I have three all running flawless for over a year...

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hey man @campbell_wat i love the reef. i have the same kinda tank and trying to do a diy reef tank. i would love to know all  kinds of coral you have in the tank especially that zoa garden. And about those gobies, why dont why don't you try a clownfish, you might be able to bond(i dont the right term for it) the clownfish with zoas and you can spot it easily and see what is actually going  on with fishes in your tank. 

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Hey All, 

Just some no filter photos for now. 


Removed my large GSP tower in favor of some more real estate. Otherwise coasting. Looking great.


Feel free to ask me any questions down below! I have a lot to say but don't even know where to start...


Happy Reefing!



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Just one photo for now, will take some more if anyone is really interested in seeing how this thing has filled out. 


Tons of changes since the last check in, I recently set up a 20g reef too so some corals were removed and replaced here and there. Most notable new stock is a rainbow BTA that I hope my clown takes a liking to sooner rather than later. Cheers!



Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 8.21.56 PM.png

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I'd be happy to see some more pics of the progress, love the lush contrast that GSP has above the zoa garden.

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